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About Us

Christian Challenge is here to help students become all God has designed them to be by:

  • Giving them the opportunity to know Jesus personally and be a lifelong Christ follower. 

  • Helping them establish a solid, maturing walk with Christ. 

  • Challenging and training them to use their careers and lives to make Him known. 

Opportunities to Serve, Connect, & Grow

Thrive Groups
We have a focus on living life together on purpose and discovering how the bible relates to and impacts real life.

Challenge Worship
Our weekly gathering gives us a place for worship, teaching, fun, and relationship building, and can provide a place for people to bring friends to connect with other friends.

Personal Mentoring/Discipling
Learning from an older student or staff as life happens can be the most critical part of the college years, and investing in younger students is the best way to personally impact a life for Christ. (2Timothy 2:2)

Being a Witness
We are Christ's ambassadors, His representatives.  We have the privilege to be His witnesses individually and as a community to those on our campus that don't yet have a life and eternity changing relationship with Him. 

Prayer is the foundation for any work from God and it is essential to teach and practice the importance of regular communication to the Father.

Leaders in Training (LIT) 
This team environment provides encouragement, vision, training and resources with other highly motivated, growing believers. It challenges students to grow in their character and priorities to best be used by God in college and beyond. After completing LIT, students have the opportunity to join Door Holders.

M & M Team
This is our ministry team at Christian Challenge. Through this team's activities and attitudes individually and as a group, they hold the door for others to walk through to experience the transforming power of God in their life. This team is loved, encouraged, served, equipped and deployed as disciplemakers and laborers.

Conferences and retreats are great for making significant decisions about life while building relationships with people that will be vital in seeing those decisions lived out at home.

Service – International Students 
We provide the opportunity to build the habit of serving individually and as a group of believers for and with the community around us. As believers, we are ambassadors for Christ, and responsible to add value physically, emotionally, and spiritually to the world around us. One of the best ways to serve at Washburn is within the international student community.

National and overseas missions provides the opportunities for students to see God at work in other cultures, to impact those places for Christ, to gain a larger vision of God’s purpose for them and the world. We offer missions opportunities through partner organizations and also encourage students to participate in the missions opportunities through their home church.

We are embedded in this culture, and must gain the tools necessary to not only survive, but to succeed in being true ambassadors for Christ. This requires building an intellectual foundation for our faith, a concrete base for our worldview, and the skills to confidently engage our friends in conversations of spiritual significance. We do this through regular debates and presentations for the campus and community and an ongoing process within Christian Challenge.

Meet The Team

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