Christian Challenge

The Gift

Written on ٠١/٢٢/٢٠١٩
Craig Freerksen

What is the best gift you unwrapped when you were a kid?

The person that gave it to you did so because they loved you!

Do you remember the joy of unwrapping that gift, and the gratitude you felt toward the one who gave it to you?

God has also wrapped a gift and given it to us.

Romans 6:23 says that the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

God loves us more than anyone else, and the gift He offers is better than any other.

He offers life, which is a restored relationship with Him, our creator and the source of life.

But why do we need this relationship restored?  Why is it broken?

The first part of Romans 6:23 says that the wages of sin is death.

If life is a relationship with God, then death is broken relationship with Him.

By our personal sin we have earned is this separation.

Through Jesus sacrifice on the cross he paid the debt that our sin earned and provided the only way that we can be restored to that relationship with Him.

But just like the other gifts, we must unwrap this gift for it to be useful.

By recognizing our personal sin, believing what Jesus has done for us and - as the end of that verse says - accepting Him as our personal Lord, we can understand real joy and gratitude in a restored and eternal relationship with our God.