Jeanie's Salvation Story

Salvation to me is essentially a gift from God. Like not just a regular gift but THE gift. The ultimate gift of eternal life. It’s not just a reward for being a Christian, it is a privilege. The Lord doesn’t owe us anything, we don’t deserve this life. But we deserve Him, He put each of us on this earth to do so many things for His Kingdom. But, then when our time is up here on earth, we spend forever with Him in Heaven. How cool is that? Me, a sinner, a girl who is a mess has the privilege to spend eternal life with God the Father? Yes, a million times yes because I choose to have the Lord enter into my life, I choose to live a life for Him and only Him. I choose to commit a life that is pure, just, and lovely. I use the word “choose” because I decided that, the Lord didn’t make me, I decided freely. And I don’t use the word “get to” because I don’t just get to go to Heaven, it is not like some cool event my parents are letting me go to. It is an eternal…

The Gift

What is the best gift you unwrapped when you were a kid?

One Verse Evangelism Tool

One-Verse Evangelism® is a simple, interactive way to share Christ’s love conversationally and visually. As you are in a conversation with a friend, you can illustrate Romans 6:23 on a napkin or piece of paper to explain God’s relationship with people.