Christian Challenge


Written on 04/20/2020
Janene Freerksen

I'm so happy to get to share Jenna's interview with you.  She has a truly beautiful heart and has some pretty special plans coming up.  I love how Jenna cares about her family and I love how she is seeking out growth opportunities to pursue Jesus.   Take a minute or two and read her thoughts.  Then drop her a line.  You'll be glad you did.  

  1.  What is your favorite memory growing up?
    • My favorite memory growing up is when I was five and my brother was eight.  When it would rain, he and I would take old, empty ice cream pails, put them on our heads, and run around outside?  My mom called us bucket heads!
  2. My biggest wish is ________.
    • My biggest wish is to be a successful respiratory therapist and have an amazing Christian family?
  3. If you had an entire day free and money was no issue, what would you do and where would you go?
    • It probably sounds silly, but I would fly to Florida and rent out the entire Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge park at Disney.  I would bring in the actors of the newest Star Wars movies and hang out with them.  Maybe watch some the movies, go on the rides, and make custom lightsabers?
  4. What is your career dream?
    • My career dream is to finish Respiratory Therapy school, then pursue a bachelor’s in health science.  Then, I want to get my master’s in health science.  Finally, I would love to work at a college teaching respiratory therapy classes. 
  5. How would your closest friend answer this question:  She is ________.
    • I think she would say that I’m funny.
  6. What is the thing that bugs you above all else?
    • It bugs me when people don’t respond to my texts.  I get into my own head and I think that they don’t wanna talk or I was being annoying.  I had someone tell me that they don’t respond because they have nothing to say, which I understand but it makes me feel bad.
  7. ________ makes me sad.
    • The thought of my family passing away makes me sad.
  8. What is your biggest strength?
    • Right now, I think my biggest strength is my desire to have a deeper relationship with Christ.
  9. What do you wish people understood about you?
    • Sometimes I wish people understood that I’m not shy, I’m just not outgoing.
  10. If you could make three wishes and there was no limitations on what you could request, what would you wish for?
    • I would wish for a day with Jesus, enough money in my pocket to buy what I want, whenever I want it and a healthy family.