Christian Challenge


Written on 04/11/2020
Janene Freerksen

I asked Sam to be our first interviewee for the blog.  She is an encourager to many of you and her love for Jesus Shines brightly.   I love that she is unashamed of her Jesus and that she lives Proverbs 27:17  daily.  Take a look at our interview below and then take minute to drop her a note of encouragement.  


  1.  Fill in the blank…I am not a ________ person.
    • ​​​​Unsocial
  2. What is your favorite memory growing up?
    • My best childhood memory is going to Disney World and the two COOLEST waterparks when I was 8. I rode my first roller coaster and went down a 12 story drop water slide in one week. No big deal.
  3. Fill in the blank…My biggest wish is ________.
    • that my family would want to live for Christ
  4. Fill in the blank…I wish I didn’t struggle to ________!
    • Meditate on God’s Word.
  5.  What is your career dream?
    • My career dream is becoming a behavioral therapist for kiddos and maybe a few years later creating a Christ centered daycare where the payment is based on the parents income. Every kiddo deserves to go to daycare in a safe, loving environment.
  6. Fill in the blank…How would your closest friend answer this question:  She is ________!
    • Kindhearted
  7. Fill in the blank...I feel encouraged when ________.
    • I am around other believers and we get deep and real with each other! Fellowship is so great.
  8. What is the thing that bugs you above all else?
    • When someone asks for a bite of my ice cream and just lightly grazes their lips over the spoon so their slobbery ice cream is just left on it.
  9. What do you hope is true about you?
    • That people can tell by my actions that I am a believer and that Jesus lives in me.
  10. What has been the most difficult season in your life?  How did you get through it?
    • The most difficult season in my life is struggling to deal with my dad's alcoholism. It took me a long time to realize that I can’t fix him and I still struggle with believing that. Worrying about him constantly and getting my heart broken by him time and time again gave me a lot of resentment towards him. Through all of it though, God was there for me. He was there for me by showing me different scriptures and also by the people he put in my life. The relationships that God has put into my life have encouraged me to remember how much God loves me and that we are not meant to carry this burden. Surrendering to Jesus is the most freeing thing that someone can do. God wants to take these burdens for you. I would be lying if I said that I still don’t struggle with these things but knowing that he is in control is a lot more comforting than thinking I am in control.